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Happy Poo Pattern
happy poo
Here it is, the Happy Poo pattern. I'm not used to writing down patterns. I'm more accustomed to the Jpns way of using number charts, so my apologies to those who prefer written instructions. If there is anything that seems unclear, please let me know.

sc = single crochet
Work in rounds. It's up to you if you want to join rounds or not

Make adjustable loop. (Here's a link that shows you how : Adjustable Loop)

ROUND 1 - 6sc
ROUND 2 - 12sc
ROUND 3 - 18sc
ROUND 4 - 24sc
ROUND 5 - 30sc
ROUND 6 - 36sc
ROUND 7 - 36sc
ROUND 8 - 30sc
ROUND 9 - 24sc
ROUND 10 - 18sc
ROUND 11 - 12sc
ROUND 12 - 18sc
ROUND 13 - 24sc
ROUND 14 - 24sc
ROUND 15 - 24sc
ROUND 16 - 18sc
ROUND 17 - 12sc
ROUND 18 - 6sc
ROUND 19 - 12sc
ROUND 20 - 18sc
ROUND 21 - 12sc
ROUND 22 - 6sc
ROUND 23 - 6sc

Don't forget to add the stuffing before you're done that top layer. When you're finished leave a tail long enough to cinch up between the layers. Add the face and voila, your very own little Happy Poo!

This pattern is for personal use only. You cannot use this pattern for profit.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

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I'm not sure if your used to getting random people's comments, but I must say you make the cutest little things ever!

Oh my gosh. You are just giving this away? Bless you Bless you.
I'll post my finished poo just for you!

Thank You!

Thanks so much for posting this! I don't know if you've been reading my journal the last little while but I finally worked out amigurumi, so once I find the appropriate poo-coloured wool and work out how to read those instructions (I can only deciper the Japanese charts so far) I will get right on it ;)

Thank you for sharing. Never would of thought a poo can be this cute!

I hope you don't mind... I "translated" your pattern. Here it is written out to indicate where the increases and decreases go.

sc = single crochet
increase = 2sc in next stitch
decrease = sc next two sts together

1. 6sc in adjustable loop
2. Increase around – 12 stitches
3. (1sc, increase) around – 18 stitches
4. (2sc, increase) around – 24 stitches
5. (3sc, increase) around – 30 stitches
6. (4sc, increase) around – 36 stitches
7. Sc around – 36 stitches
8. (4sc, decrease) around – 30 stitches
9. (3sc, decrease) around – 24 stitches
10. (2sc, decrease) around – 18 stitches
11. (1sc, decrease) around – 12 stitches
12. (1sc, increase) around – 18 stitches
13. (2sc, increase) around – 24 stitches
14. Sc around – 24 stitches
15. 2 Sc around – 24s stitches
16. (2sc, decrease) around – 18 stitches
17. (1sc, decrease) around – 12 stitches
18. Decrease around – 6 stitches
19. Increase around – 12 stitches
20. (1sc, increase) around – 18 stitches
21. (1sc, decrease) around – 12 stitches
22. Decrease around – 6 stitches
23. Sc around – 6 stitches

Feel free to delete if you don't think it's appropriate! I just thought someone might find it useful.

Line 15 should read:

15. Sc around – 24 stitches


Thank you i found this helpful

thanks so much both of you!
i've been looking for this pattern!


thanks for translating that! it was confusing and i used YOUR pattern... not the other one, so thanks!


when you get to row 3 do you 1sc then 2sc in the next and row 4 2 sc then 2sc in the next?????

That is so STINKIN' cute!!!

So...does it mean that if we made some of these, we couldn't sell them or anything? Because I've been looking for a poo pattern for a long time to make plushies of, Im hoping to sell enough to save up money for a convention, and maybe sell some there along with other crafts I make. Please let me know

Happy Poo too!

Here is my Happy Poo!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket (

aHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! i have to make one of these!!!! i'm going to explode!!!!! i actually made a flat, fleece poo pillow, (one for me and one for my friend, cause we're nutts)
but i dont have a picture of it :(

anyway, your's is way more creative than mine!!!!!

HEY! I translated the pattern too!

Here it it:

ROUND 1 - ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook~6sc
ROUND 2 - 2 in each around~12sc
ROUND 3 - *sc in 1st st, 2 in next* around~18sc
ROUND 4 - *sc in 1st 2 sts, 2 in next* around~24sc
ROUND 5 - *sc in 1st 3 sts, 2 in next* around~30sc
ROUND 6 - *sc in next 4 sts, 2 in next* around~36sc
ROUND 7 - sc around~36sc
ROUND 8 - *sc in next 4 sts, sc dec* around~30sc
ROUND 9 - *sc in next 3 sts, sc dec* around~24sc
ROUND 10 - *sc in next 2 sts, sc dec* around~18sc
ROUND 11 - *sc in next st, sc dec * around~12sc
ROUND 12 - *sc in ist st, 2 sc in next st*18sc
ROUND 13 - *sc in 1st 2 sts, 2 in next*~24sc
ROUND 14 - sc around~24sc
ROUND 15 - sc around~24sc
ROUND 16 - *sc in next 2 sts, sc dec* around~18sc
ROUND 17 - *sc in next st, sc dec * around~12sc
ROUND 18 - *dec* around~6sc
ROUND 19 - 2 in each around~12sc
ROUND 20 - *sc in 1st st, 2 in next* around~18sc
ROUND 21 - *sc in next st, sc dec * around~12sc
ROUND 22 - *dec* around~6sc
ROUND 23 - sc in each st around~6sc

It is a little different than the other one.

i made a poo too and i posted a pic of it on craftster with a link back to here... apparently someone saw your poo and is selling it as a pincushion on their site! (using your picture!) since your license is a CC license i thought you would like to know. her site is here:

ps if you want to delete this comment that's fine with me i just couldn't figure out how to email you about it!

Your pattern and picture have been stolen!

I wanted to let you know that someone has taken advantage of your generosity of your happy poo picture and pattern. Go to this website: and you will see your picture with a brief description that she is selling either your pattern or a finished happy poo. GO GET HER and STOP HER!

just to let you know...

just so you know, someone at this website:

is stealing people's patterns and pics and selling them without permission, and i recognized your pattern for the poo. i don't know if u gave her permission or not, but several people haven't and i didn't want your stuff to get stolen/sold without permission.

That's the most fantastic pattern I've seen in a long time! And it seems I find the way you've written the pattern out much easier to follow than the standar UK / US way.


And a photo is here:

I didn't do a mouth - just button eyes.

Thanks for the fab pattern.

first amigurumi

hello..i found your site from my friend link..and i like the 'happy poo' even dont look alike..but its become my first amigurumi,..heheh..thanks for share its,

Warm regards, chrissy - Jakarta

i'm giving my friends happy poo for christmas! i'm going to put him in a brown lunchbag for each person, with some fire colored tissue paper :3

thanks for sharing the pattern!

thank you for the pattern

Here is my happy poo!


Thanks for the pattern...I got some sort of twisted joy out of making it. People seem to want to think it is chocolate or ice cream, but telling them it is happy poo is definitely more fun. :D

Your poo

i'm so excited to make a million poos and pass them out to people at work and say "poo on you" and actually mean it!

Hey, I dont have live journal, but I am really interested in learning to make these amigurumis and have stumbled onto your page. I see that you are sharing your poo pattern. Would you share your rolypoly cat pattern too??
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love it :)

Happy Poo

I can't crochet...wahhhh! Is there anyone out there who has successfully knit some happy poo???


Can I ask, how did you do the eyes? What do you use and how did you attach them?

Re: Hey

These were craft/doll eyes with a post on the back. I used glue so they would not fall out.

needle size

Hi, this is such a cute pattern. I don't know if I am missing it or what, but what size needle do you use? Great Idea! Keep going!

Awwww, it's just sooooo cute! Interesting technique, may have some different usages than just the "stinky" one. Thanks!


i love you

sooo cute!

Does anyone know how to convert this to knitting???

I don't know how to crochet :(


My 3 year old daughter asked me to "shay" her some poop. I thought it was a hilarious request. I was so happy to actually find a poo pattern! You made her day!

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