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Little Devil
happy poo

Little Devil loves pizza with sriracha sauce, yum!

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So, so cute! I love his face. He looks innocent and mischievous at the same time. :D

Nice work ! :)

Hello ! I just wanted to say that I´ve been following your blog for some time, and I love everything you´ve been producing ! Congratulations ! I´m also learning some crochet, and soon I´ll post some pictures of my creations. =P Hope I´ll be able to make such cute dolls like yours one day ! :)

greetings from Brazil :)

ps: oh yes, and this is my blog, in case you wanna visit me :)

Yeay! i thought you had given up blogging- SO glad to see you haven't!
Just thought I'd let you know I mentioned you on my blog. Come look!


I just found your blog. I am so impressed. You do such great work.

Wendy in Tennessee

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