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Christmas gifts
happy poo
Here are some amigurumi Christmas presents that I made.

Here's a little kitty. The original pattern is from Amigurumi Collection.

My husband's aunt likes pigs so I made this little guy for her. He's also from the Amigurumi Collection.

A couple of ami-neko's for my nephews.

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Oh my gosh, you make such cute things! Mind if I post them to Crafting Japanese ( Please email me if it's ok ( Thanks!

hi! no i don't mind at all, thanks :)


please help me find the patterns or books for these please email me thankyou

Re: Help

whoever made the little pig and birds i would love to buy one or a couple from you.. i love th;em they are so cute... please respond


So cute!

is the pattern for the pig for free? =[ ive been searching everywhere for a cute pattern (pig) =[

Re: =[

No, it's from the book Amigurumi Collection 3

You might find a cute pig pattern Ami List


wow! can u please send me the pattern to make the kitty from the amigurumi collection at iv'e made some amineko's 2 !

Great one, on this christmas i am planning to have some unique christmas gifts like i often came here in the photo bucket.

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