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Happy Poo Strap

I haven't been doing much crafting lately. I don't know, I always find that I have no motivation to do anything in the winter... I broke out my polymer clay bucket yesterday. It's a Happy Poo strap I made for a good friend. I thought it would be pretty easy peasy to make them but you would be surprised how long it takes to turn a piece of clay into a cute looking curly poo, LOL!
happy poo


This is Walter. Walter is a very laid back kind of monster. He enjoys the simple things in life like....watching little colourful balls popping all around him.

happy poo

M&M Man

My husband works for M&M Meats. This Friday there is a staff party and they are doing a gift exchange. He asked me to make a doll and we came up with M&M Man! Whoever gets this will either be thinking "Oh neat!" or "Wth......?"

M&M Man

Fresh out of the box!

It is I, M&M Man!

Mmmm...chicken and dumplings, but where is the Too Tall Strawberry Shortcake?
happy poo

Mini Donuts

Yesterday I bought the book "Tiny Treats" by Julie A. Monroe. It's a collection of projects to make..well, tiny treats! The book is geared towards kids so the recipes are super simple with easy to find ingredients. It's a great little book filled with really cute stuff.

My son wanted to make the mini donuts right away. We used cheerios, frosting and sprinkles. They looked pretty cute!

Mini donuts!
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So it's Stampede time here, then next week is Westerner Days in my hubby's hometown. I made this 'cow'girl and 'cow'boy.

Their names are Lola and Franz. They are 10 years old. Franz loves fondu. Lola is lactose intolerant.
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It's been super hot lately. I decided I would try to make my own little uchiwa.

I grabbed the image from the Puccho candy site. I pasted it on a piece of cardboard, both sides. I made the handle by cutting out two cardboard pieces then covererd with paper. Then I attached one piece to one side of the fan, and the other piece on the other side.

The end result is kind of messy but I am definitely going to make some more.