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Happy Poo Pattern
happy poo
Here it is, the Happy Poo pattern. I'm not used to writing down patterns. I'm more accustomed to the Jpns way of using number charts, so my apologies to those who prefer written instructions. If there is anything that seems unclear, please let me know.

sc = single crochet
Work in rounds. It's up to you if you want to join rounds or not

Make adjustable loop. (Here's a link that shows you how : Adjustable Loop)

ROUND 1 - 6sc
ROUND 2 - 12sc
ROUND 3 - 18sc
ROUND 4 - 24sc
ROUND 5 - 30sc
ROUND 6 - 36sc
ROUND 7 - 36sc
ROUND 8 - 30sc
ROUND 9 - 24sc
ROUND 10 - 18sc
ROUND 11 - 12sc
ROUND 12 - 18sc
ROUND 13 - 24sc
ROUND 14 - 24sc
ROUND 15 - 24sc
ROUND 16 - 18sc
ROUND 17 - 12sc
ROUND 18 - 6sc
ROUND 19 - 12sc
ROUND 20 - 18sc
ROUND 21 - 12sc
ROUND 22 - 6sc
ROUND 23 - 6sc

Don't forget to add the stuffing before you're done that top layer. When you're finished leave a tail long enough to cinch up between the layers. Add the face and voila, your very own little Happy Poo!

This pattern is for personal use only. You cannot use this pattern for profit.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

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thank you for the pattern

Here is my happy poo!


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