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Ninja Monkey
happy poo

Oh man, I had forgotten about this little guy. I made him a long time ago and he's been sitting on top of the filing cabinet all this time. Lonely and neglected...sniff...

Ninaja Monkey has decided he wants to retire from being a super deadly ninja and become a lounge singer instead.

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awe, hes so cute, i want one...do you plan on selling him on etsy?

So cute! And my sister would love him cos he's in her favourite footy team's colours ;)

I love POOP!

I'm throwing a poop party and would gladly pay you for making little poops. Please send me a message at mellydoom@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Btw.. Does Ninja monkey fling the poo?

he's totally awesome!

My 9 year old son wants me to make him a ninja monkey for his birthday! I've looked through all my amigurumi patterns but can't find one like this - would you be willing to share yours? Your work is awesome!!!

Oh He is So Cute!!

You wouldn't happen to trade for something like this? My little boy and fiance are nuts about monkeys

Oh yes

The one who asked up there to trade you can find me at weeatcrayons @ yahoo . com

omg ive been looking for a monkey like this everywhere


omg i rlly rlly need a ninja monkeyy plzz contactt mee irene.garcia95@yahoo.com ...i am very interested in itt if u would plzz

awwww he's so cute!!! have you got a pattern for him??? if you have can you send it to chicaespanyola_12@hotmail.co.uk


please please please send me the pattern of this adorable little fella. to amoiserpenti@hotmail.com

So cute!

Hi, my name is Florencia and i found your Monkey Ninja and i loved it!!! My boyfriend´s birthday is coming and i want to make this for him, could you shear with me your pattern??? I can send u some patterns that i have. If you wanna trade (pleaseeeeeeeee) this is my email. florencia333@hotmail.com


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