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Keroro Gunsou

I've been watching the anime Keroro Gunsou. Here's my attempt to make Keroro and Kururu. I'm slowly trying to get the rest of the Keroro platoon made.
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Wow, I haven't updated in a long time! Well, I have been kind of busy lately. I had a baby boy on January 21. There's a 6yr age gap between my two boys. Gosh, it's like being a first time mom all over again, lol.

I wanted to make a mobile to hang from the ceiling or something. Instead I ended up tying these little butterflies on a long piece of ribbon and then tied it across the baby swing. The picture isn't so great, sorry!

The original pattern is from Amigurumi Collection Vol.5. Should I colour in some little pink cheeks on them?
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I wanted to make a Halloween doll and here she is! My husband gave her the name Zombilina Freaky Girl. He was kind of freaked out by her "scars", haha!

She was modified from Beth D's humanoid pattern from "Amigurumi Super Happy Crochet Cute."

My mother is going to Japan next month and she just requested 3 Zombilina's for me to make to give away as gifts.
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BethD Punk Bunny and Ruby Gloom

A few weeks ago I bought Elisabeth Doherty's "Amigurumi! Super Happy Crochet Cute." It's a great book to have in your craft book collection.

My son kept asking me to make the punk bunny for him. I thought I would take my time making him, but once I started I couldn't stop. So I finished him a lot sooner than expected. I need to fix his one eye though, but overall he turned out pretty spiffy!

After I made him, I wanted to try and make another humanoid doll. This time I wanted to make the cartoon character, Ruby Gloom. I would have liked to use eyelash yarn for her hair but all I had was regular yarn. I was going to keep her but my mother decided to claim her so I guess I'll just make another Ruby Gloom and try it with the eyelash yarn or something for her hair. Excuse all the little fuzzies still on her outfit....

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Roly Poly Cats

A couple of crazy little roly poly cats. When they are not taking naps, they like to get into mischief. They shout "Whhheeeeeeeee!!!!" as they bounce and roll around everywhere. They enjoy nibbling on tuna casserole and sipping peach flavoured water.
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Prince of Cosmos

My son and I are fans of the game Katamari Damacy. I have both soundtracks on my ipod. (It's fun to be a nerd.)

Anyway Jared asked me to make a doll for him and this is what I came up with. I guess he turned out ok..... Oh well, as long as Jared likes him (which he does, yay!)
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Faceless Amigurumi

Some amigurumi's I'm working on. I made some bunnies now I'm working on some Apple dudes (part of my Fruit Buddies collection). I'll be adding the faces later. They kind of look a bit creepy - faceless, staring at you......